Perception of time in space

2013 / digital photography / inkjet print

What’s reality look like? Is it a static image, a singular moment that – in the now – has its place and tenor in life? Perhaps it is, and it is open to a philosophical question. But if so, then reality is a continuous and never-ending flow of moments, it is a very live process. The 30 Seconds collection is an experiment – an attempt at recording moments that come to life incessantly and perish even faster. In order to meet the postulation of reality as a live process, a single photography simply cannot be passed off as final. Given to the chain of impulses bombarding our mind in one single moment, the thing is, it is our final say what situation we view as extraordinary. That’s why the 30s exposure time and the movement of the camera were used to simulate the roving of our mind from one interesting thing to another, creating a certain time mass. The visual recording of tens of various stimuli and thoughts continuously processed by our brain before it shows them as one compact image in one particular moment.

30 Seconds is thus an endeavour to depict the reaction human brain has to visual stimuli, a reaction that is never revealed to us in everyday common life.