More than a nightscape

2011 / digital photography / C-print / 9 x 13cm

Coming back encourages understanding, since returns help clear the way for explanation and throw light on things so far ignored or seemingly invisible. Returns get to the bottom of stories, phenomena or places irresistible in their subjective attraction. Perhaps that is why I keep coming back to the places tied closely to my essence – so that I could grasp why I gravitate towards them and put my finger on their energy. The Nocturne collection is not about colour black. It was born in a short-lived moment; when the day turns into night, when darkness overcomes light and life falls silent. At that moment, the coolness of night descends on places and it is only in the flash of a camera that the singularity of a moment can be captured.

The photographs presented in the collection are merely small images (9×13 cm). They need to be viewed from up close, through intimate contact so to say, which was necessary for their creation.