Do those who have no luck get lucky in life?

2013 / digital photography / inkjet print / 50 x 50cm / self photography

The pain of the soul is a friend that means well with us. It enriches our life with experience and flicks the light on in the labyrinth of personality. It makes things simpler. It’s like air cleared after the storm, like the rain that washes down layers of dust and sends them into the sewers, helping us draw wind into our lungs and take a deep breath. Pain is luck, it is a gift even though it may sound blasphemous. Pain turns the wading pool of life into a pool that invites to a swim, a dive, not just a splash of the feet.

The pain of the soul is a good thing, and we need it. That’s why there is a point to escapades in life. And that is why we need to learn to accept them as they come.