25 years since the revolution. Analysis of settling accounts with the Communist past.

2014 / analog photography / C-print lightjet or Archival inkjet print / 50 x 50cm

Casting a critical eye on the transformation of Czechoslovakia from a bleak country, poisoned by a lack of freedom for nearly half a century, into a democratic society. The Process collection is a take on the malevolence of the totalitarian regime symbolized by fictitious offices of the State security the Party employed to bring hundreds of thousands of its opponents under control. Files full of legal rulings and table lamps the agents liked to use to torture the exhausted prisoners stand as the living reminder of all the committed atrocities that need to be dusted off and continuously brought to attention. Because with any forgotten story of injustice there is the danger it might come back as a boomerang and bite the future generations. It is a process of coming to terms with the communist past, a process that has become the sore spot on the Czech nation’s soul.