2019 / digital photography / archival inkjet print / self photography

Our selfies pay for a new visual code. Summer of love. And Tinder is a lonely-hearts thing. Makes you go encoding oneself for someone out there, being yourself and yet above yourself, not taking yourself seriously and yet too seriously at the same time. Creating synthetic versions of yourself; your better, nicer, more perfect, more smiling, stronger self. In short, a whole lot better. Digging through. Digging all the way through for someone. Digging for yourself through and through. Glorifying your other self. Synthetic ego is like a hyper-realistic photography, a metaphotography so to say, something that’s never been here before and to such extent to boot. Selfie is a mutation, another universe of our self, another reality imposed on perspective.

Specccial THX (!):
Lenka + Zuzana + Anna + Petr + Deli